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Updating preplans from your office computer. Gathering preplan information on your tablet. Reviewing preplans on your mobile device.
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NFPA1620 Preplans, Permit, Inspections, GIS, CAD

Desktop, Laptop, Device, or Phone

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Information Management - Administrative & Operational Decision Support

 Site     Infinite Command Site &   Preplan module

  • Connect related Site records in tiered hierarchy
  • Early collection efforts are critical to developing strategies for prevention and protection efforts, as well as safe and speedy mitigation, in the event of an emergency.
  • Collect and categorize scanned images, drawings, pictures, videos, and much more
  • Document Special Alerts, Hazards, Chemicals, and Tactical Plans


IC Inspections   Infinite Command Inspection &   IC Permits  Permit module

  • Schedule unlimited Inspections and Inspection Types
  • Intuitive re-inspection feature speeds documentation efforts
  • Issue permits that trigger inspections at later date
  • Associate permits when inspections are satisfied
  • Maintain full history of inspections, violations, permits, etc


INSPECTION ON YOUR PHONE?  YEP, and there's even more than meets the eye.  Check it out - 

 Locate due Inspection in calendar, Launch Inspection, Cite an individual violaiton (not using Infinite Command's exclusive Active-Check worksheet), set a reinspection date for the citation, add notes, add picture documentatoin, save and prepare for next violation: 


IC Staff     Infinite Command Staff Module

  • Track a compliment of staff demographics
  • Integrated staff module provides cross-documentation with all other modules (inspections, permits, incident, etc)
  • Associate staff with security features and managing workflows
  • Track all staff events and all applicable details.  


IC Water Sources    Infinite Command Water Sources Module

  • Track and manage all available water sources
  • Automatic hydrant flow test calculations
  • Track and schedule hydrant inspections
  • Manage hydrant defects and flow test details


IC Administration     Infinite Command Administration and Security module

  • Manage logins and access to features for each unique user
  • Manage sharing of tactical development and pre-incident plan data with associated (aid) agencies
  • Manage all system operations from one single location
  • Automatically track system changes and access event logs



Infinite Command Mobile Soutions

Situational Awareness & Tactical Decision Support in the field

  • Specialized in-field situational awareness solutions
  • Single point of integration for incident-specific information including GIS maps, Map Data, Pre-incident data, pre-incident plan drawings, pictures, building and tactical details
  • Field Access to critical information for mitigating incidents and maximizing the safety of first responders. 
  • Special Hazard alert ribbons
  • Integrated Reference Directory
  • User configurable ‘First Responder’ screens
  • IC Mobile FD   IC Fire
    • Standard features and views, organized to flow with the situational requirements of a responding fire department.
  • IC Mobile PD   IC LE (Law Enforcement)
    • Standard features and views, organized to flow with the tactical considerations of a responding Law Enforcement Officer or Special Team (swat). 


IC CAD Interface    Infinite Command CAD Integration

  • The IC CAD interface automates the search and display of critical incident information.  IC CAD works with all major CAD systems.   
  • The IC CAD product receives information from CAD, moves the data to IC via web service, and automatically displays map and applicable preplan data for each unit responding to an incident. 
  • Status head buttons document date/time/location, and provide that information to dispatch in real-time. 
  • Reduce paperwork with integration by posting applicable data to the incident module


IC GPS    Infinite Command GPS & Routing Module

  • Receive GPS information, post to map, integrate with routing features
  • Dynamic routing provides point to point routing, recalculation.  Includes integrated  


IC AVL Images    Infinite Command AVL Module

  • Receive  real-time updates of all units in the field via web-application
  • In the field, receive real-time updates of responding units for the same incident (including real-time ETA calculations)
  • Track full history of all connected units including traffic demographics and time


IC Oblique Images    Infinite Command Oblique Aerial Imagery Interface

  • GIS access to high-definition aerial imagery
  • Identify visual queues that maximize safety and minimize effort and incident duration
  • Integrated tools for measuring distance, height, alternative views, etc. 


IC Preplan    Infinite Command Tactical Pad

  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, the ability to illustrate over a picture is worth several thousand words.  When seconds count, you can count on IC Tactical Pad to bring a photo, drawing, or map to life with our advanced drawing tools. 
  • Save and deploy IC TacPad drawings to others on your incident


Preplan Drawing Conversion & Digitizing

For many years, fire departments and more recently Schools, SWAT and Tactical Response Teams have been developing pre-incident planning information, typically comprised of an on-site inspection, the creation of a building schematic, and supporting text-based data on occupancy, hazards, construction, etc.  This information is collectively referred to as a Pre-Plan. 

In cases where an agency still utilizes pre-plans that have been hand drawn, Progressive Intelligence Technologies can help in two ways:

Conversion of your hand drawn pre-plans: Our Team will take your run books and convert them into a digital image in one of the most popular and industry standard graphics file formats.  Our conversion staff is very experienced in converting these drawings, and adding standardization to the variations typically found in drawings. 

Conversion of architectural permit drawings: Our teams of dedicated pre-plan conversion specialists know what to look for in an architectural drawing.  Having created pre-plans from many thousands of drawings for fellow fire departments and SWAT teams, our dedicated pre-plan conversion teams get the drawings done quickly, and right the first time. 


Technical Support

In Public Safety, when you could be called to serve at any moment, the last thing you need to worry about is staying up with technology or getting assistance at the moment you need it.  Our software solutions are built by first responders - for first responders. Like your community depends on you, you can depend on us to promptly and expertly respond to your calls for assistance.  Our help doesn't stop when the call is over or the remote session is closed.... we are constantly communicating and driving the conversation forward through social media, emails, website, seminars, local and national conferences, with industry leaders, and beyond.  


Mapping & GIS Services 

Everything happens at a time and place.  Progressive Intelligence Technologies' expert team of GIS practitioners is dedicated to helping First Responders safely protecte their communities using information and analysis to make a variety of decisions from the office to the field of operations.  The following list of GIS services is specific to Infinite Command. 

  • Geocoding Services (REALLY map your data!!)
  • Intersection Development
  • Blueprint Scanning Services
  • Data Conversion to Map Layers
  • Multi-discipline integration
  • AVL Services
  • Support & System Administration
  • Other GIS Services from Progressive Intelligence Technologies 

Click HERE for other GIS Services from Progressive Intelligence Technologies, including response analysis and station location analysis.


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