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Those tablets you decommissioned when your old software wouldn't run on them anymore...  Charge them back up!
** Infinite Command - So powerful it'll stretch your dollar! **
Did your software get a cobbled new look for the same tired old technology?   Does your solution use clunky 3rd party software to mimic web-based solutions.  Tired of posers and fakers?  
Look no further. Infinite Command is AUTHENTIC from the ground up!
I am very impressed with Infinite Command.  It is well thought-out and organized.  Thank you
Chris - Franklin Township

NFPA 1620 Preplans, Permit, Inspections, GIS, CAD


Planning, Prevention and Preparedness Promote Peak Performance.  This well-known adage challenges responders to have the foresight necessary to “Know Before You Go”, and the tools to rapidly adapt to any situation.  Infinite Command is forged from the same values.

Infinite Command (in-apparatus) Mobile Tactical Response Module

Situational Awareness & Tactical Decision Support in the field

  • Real-time specialized in-field situational awareness
  • Internet connection optional. OH YES WE DID!  
  • Share preplans with diverse responders (law enforcement, EMS, other fire departments, etc)
  • Centralize all of your critical response tools:  GIS Maps, Preplans, Drawings, Pics, Vds, Strategy & Tactics
  • VISUAL queues for special hazards and notices
  • Integrated Reference Directory
  • Dynamic User Interface - a truly amazing experience! 
  • Active Decision Support for unlimited circumstances (Active Shooter, Fire Incident, Specialty Rescue)

Infinite Command CAD Integration

  • The IC CAD interface automates the search and display of critical incident information.  IC CAD works with all major CAD systems.   
  • The IC CAD product receives information from CAD, moves the data to IC via web service, and automatically displays map and applicable preplan data for each unit responding to an incident. 
  • Status head buttons document date/time/location, and provide that information to dispatch in real-time. 
  • Reduce paperwork with integration by posting applicable data to the incident module

Infinite Command - GPS & Routing Module

  • Receive GPS information, post to map, integrate with routing features
  • Dynamic routing provides point to point routing, recalculation.  Includes integrated  

Infinite Command - Oblique Aerial Imagery Interface

  • GIS access to high-definition aerial imagery
  • Identify visual queues that maximize safety and minimize effort and incident duration
  • Integrated tools for measuring distance, height, alternative views, etc. 

Site     Infinite Command Site & Preplan module

  • Collect preplan information (pics, vids, data) from any device, anytime, any device.
  • Maximize productivity.... collect preplan data from everyone's device at the same time
  • No installs, no updates, no risky synchronizations... all of your data updates are live and in real-time
  • NFPA 1620 compliant preplanning
  • Improve ISO ratings, Earn Accreditation
  • Early collection efforts are critical to developing strategies for prevention and protection efforts, as well as safe and speedy mitigation, in the event of an emergency.
  • Collect and categorize scanned images, drawings, pictures, videos, and much more
  • Document Special Alerts, Hazards, Chemicals, Tactical Plans, and so much more!

 IC Inspections   Infinite Command Inspection & Permit module

  • Schedule unlimited Inspections and Inspection Types
  • EXCLUSIVE: Automate the administrative oversight of your inspection program 
  • Responsive re-inspection auto-creates inspections based on open violation details. 
  • Simplify violations with innovative checklist interface
  • Issue permits that trigger inspections at later date
  • Associate permits when inspections are satisfied
  • Maintain full history of inspections, violations, permits, etc

IC Permits  Infinite Command NFIRS Incident Reporting 

  • NFIRS 5 Incident Reporting (accounts for the latest - 1/1/2020 rules)
  • Situational Selection Items
  • Dynamic Data Entry Forms
  • Transformational Responsive Design! 
  • Integrated for fast and accurate documentation
  • Any-device, anytime, anywhere! 

IC Staff     Infinite Command Staff & Staff Events (training activity management)

  • All staff details
  • Track and Schedule Training Classes 
  • Manage all Staff related activites (public education, station details, operations, PR, etc)
  • Integrated staff module provides cross-documentation with all other modules (inspections, permits, incident, etc)

 IC Water Sources    Infinite Command Water Sources Module

  • Track and manage all available water sources
  • Automatic hydrant flow test calculations
  • Track and schedule hydrant inspections
  • Manage hydrant defects and flow test details

 IC Administration     Infinite Command Administration and Security 

  • Manage logins and access to features for each unique user
  • Manage sharing of tactical development and pre-incident plan data with associated (aid) agencies
  • Manage all system operations from one single location
  • Automatically track system changes and access event logs


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