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Infinite Command Pro Tip #134:  Perform HANDS-FREE searches to find preplans, using your mobile device's voice command!
Have you been concerned that all of your software troubles stem from outsourced, broken-up, sold-out, off-shored, mis-guided business principles?    
We are too! Infinite Command - Midwest values, All-American ingenuity!
Did your software get a cobbled new look for the same tired old technology?   Does your solution use clunky 3rd party software to mimic web-based solutions.  Tired of posers and fakers?  
Look no further. Infinite Command is AUTHENTIC from the ground up!


Our dedicated sales team is experienced, engaged, and ready to help you at a moment's notice. 


John WilliamsJohn Williams | Regional Account Manager - AL, GA, MS
866-492-3218 x2050

John Williams is a retired United States Marine who served 8 years as a forward observer.  He comes from a background in the private sector which included technology, surveillance and investigations. He also holds his STCW Coast Guard Certification and Vessel Security and Watch Duties.   He is dedicated father of two children.  His son is currently serving in the United States Marine Corp as a combat engineer and his daughter is National Honor Society member and cheerleader.  John knows sacrifice and what first responders do for their communities and he is dedicated to providing your department with that same dedication and professionalism. 


Matthew McCullochMatthew McCulloch | Regional Account Manager - CA, NV
866-492-3218  x3520

Matthew McCulloch calls on his extraordinarily rich and diverse work history to deliver top-notch service to his valued clients.  Matthew was born and raised in Iowa, where his traditional Midwestern values and work-ethic developed, and where his serial entrepreneurship began.  Matthew's leadership and insights helped him connect to a California tech company, where he eventually earned positions as CTO and CEO, and eventually helpd to developed technology delivering live American TV programming in extreme-remote locations outside of the US.  Among other positions in the last 25 years in California, he has worked with numerous Fire Departments.  During that time, Matthew developed a genuine affinity for the enormous risk and challenges that our firefighters face every day.  This has become a defining factor in his decision to join our innovative team.  Combining his broad spectrum of tech-knowledge and his enthusiasm for improving the life and safety of first responders uniquely positions Matthew to get to know your specific challenges and deliver a fresh, practical, and value-driven solutions.   


Michael KennedyMichael Kennedy | Regional Account Manager - MO, AR, So-IL, KC-KS
866-492-3218 x3540 

Mike Kennedy appreciates every opportunity to talk to his customers, but he credits a lifetime of success to one very simple quality - Listening.   This is particularly important to public safety officials and first responders, who all have similar missions, but very unique challenges to that achievement.  ‘Listening’ has enabled Mike to serve the interests of his clients for over 30 years.  Today he is as inspired as ever, to bring the benefits of versatile and specialized technology to enhance the safety of first responders and the public alike.   


Jason TrotterJason Trotter | All Sales
866-492-3218  x2000

Jason Trotter has an extensive background in public safety, with nearly 20 years in Fire and EMS.  The last two decades of his professional career have been focused on advocating for improvement in quality and safety for first responders.  Jason spent many years with a Fortune 500 company, leading the charge in innovative public safety solutions.  He ended that post in 2010 to focus on new and promising technology solutions for first responders.  In 2011, he founded Progressive Intelligence Technologies, dedicating his career and life to technology’s role in public safety. 



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