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I chose Infinite Command because of your long and strong reputation. 
Updating preplans from your office computer. Gathering preplan information on your tablet. Reviewing preplans on your mobile device.
** That's how you Infinite Command **
Installs and sync'ing are a thing of the past!  Really, why pay each time you switch between iOS, Android, or Windows?
Anywhere - Anytime - Any Device - Infinite Command


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Yes.   Our sales team will help you find the most cost effective option for reengaging with Infinite Command.  

Infinite Command will first become available where we don't migrate data.  In the meantime, we will complete a data conversion utility, and then we will make contact to schedule your migration.  Your active support contract will cover these improvements, just like a standard update.  

  1. Yes your current data can be used after it goes through a conversion process.  
  2. The conversion will be covered with your active support contract.  If you are not current with your support contract, contact our Sales Team immediately.

Infinite Command

Infinite Command is accessible across all popular operating systems including Android (Google), Apple (Safari), and Windows (IE, Chrome, FireFox, and all other major browsers). 

That's ok!  In fact, that's better than 'ok'.   With subscription based services, you don't have to make the large capital investments in servers, IT infrastructure, staff, or anything else that goes along with hosting your own systems.  

Stability is a cornerstone of our cloud solutions.  Selecting top-notch technology is a first line of defense, and employing multi-redundant systems reinforces that investment.  Here are just a few features and methods that help achieve maximum reliability and accessibility:   

  • Redundant power sources with onsite emergency-backup power generation. 
  • Redundant specialty HVAC, Filtration, and Chiller systems. 
  • Geographically unique and disparate internet service providers.  
  • Advanced fire prevention, detection, and suppression systems. 
  • System & Data redundancy, 30 day rolling backups, and off-site disaster recovery.

Security is our deepest concern and receives our greatest attention, every minute of every day with 24x7x365 monitoring and support.  Just as constant is monitoring and recording video inside, outside, and around the perimeter of the facility.  We’re housed in a military-grade, hardened, and EMP protected facility.  Unauthorized access to the facility is prevented, to the extent of 3 factor authentication and multiple security checkpoints and lock mechanism. 

Active management of cloud security threats is just as essential to maximizing integrity as to guard from intrusion.  We employ a system of systems approach to defending and actively protecting our technology and data payload.  While the sheer nature of ‘security’ prevents us from declaring our defense measures, it should be known that a broad array of strict policies, procedures, technologies, and controls serve to fortify our assets, leaving you with the confidence to command infinitely.

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