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Preparedness Planning for your Business

In addition to improving all-hazard Public Safety Response, Infinite Command also provides powerful, flexible, and specialized tools for commercial emergency preparedness, prevention, and response planning.  To minimize the impact of a disaster on your business, you must make prevention and disaster planning a priority.  One critical benefit of great preparation is swift stabilization and recovery, both of your business operation as well as the people, services, and environment around it.  Proper planning serves to improve the outcome of a disaster, whether it is that of natural causes, human causes, or technology related causes. 

Our goal is to help you minimize the impact of all-types of incidents by improving prevention, planning, preparedness, and response performance.  Infinite Command is flexible to address your planning efforts for all-hazards and circumstances, including and exceeding national standards (NFPA 1600) for disaster & emergency management & business continuity.

Committment is key to a successful program. Once you've established your mission and vision for the program, make a company-wide committment to a strong foundation to the program including financial resources, organization, program administration & infrastructure, internal cooperation and coordination and program resources.  


Infinite Command will help you develop the program, starting with planning and prevention: 

  • Identify & Monitor Hazards for all properties & assets (including prediction Natural Hazards/Events, Human Caused Events, Technological Events)
  • Identify Personnel and responders, continuity of operations, properties/facilities/assets, address supply and demand of goods for continuity, assess obligations
  • Develop Strategies, Plans, and Required capabilities
  • Document your business impact analysis (BIA)
  • Conduct Ongoing Prevention Activities (BRR – Business Risk Reduction)


Infinite Command expertly improves the centralization and organization of response information & related considerations:

  • Resource Needs Assessment
    • Human, equipment, facilities, funds, expertise, training, materials, technology, information, intelligence, & duration of needs. 
      • Consider response time, capabilities, limitations, costs, quantities, etc
      • Identify agreements for aid /assistance / partnerships, etc. 
    • Warnings/Notifications/Communications
      • Ensure reliability, redundancy, interoperability
    • Operational Procedures
      • Provide for life safety, property conservation, incident stabilization, continuity, and protection of environment
        • Control access to area
        • Mobilize, Identify, Account for personnel engaged in incident decisions/activities
        • Establish Incident Command and EOC (consider a secondary eoc, as well)
    • Business Continuity & Recovery
      • Include recovery strategies prioritizing critical and time sensitive functions/processes. 
        • Identify stakeholders for notification – protect vital records, contact lists, functions & processes , personnel, procedures, resources, IT requirements. 
        • Provide for restoration of functions/services/resources/facilities/programs/infrastructure
    • Employee Assistance –
      • Training, communications, emergency contact information (onsite/offsite)
        • Account for persons directly affected/injured/etc, identify housing options, mental/physical wellbeing, reunification, etc.
    • Practice & Improve (test the preparation (raises awareness & improves performance): evaluate, improve, repeat)
    • Mitigation
      • Implement strategy to limit consequences/extent/severity of impact
        • Including interim and long-term actions

Understanding your safety planning needs and requirements, and providing practical, actionable, and meaningful solutions to help you exceed your goals is what we do.   Infinite Command is unquely positioned to improve your business contenuity and exceed your expectations in emergency planning.  Contact us today!  

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