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Updating preplans from your office computer. Gathering preplan information on your tablet. Reviewing preplans on your mobile device.
** That's how you Infinite Command **
Did your software get a cobbled new look for the same tired old technology?   Does your solution use clunky 3rd party software to mimic web-based solutions.  Tired of posers and fakers?  
Look no further. Infinite Command is AUTHENTIC from the ground up!
Infinite Command Pro Tip #134:  Perform HANDS-FREE searches to find preplans, using your mobile device's voice command!

Infinite Command

Infinite Command delivers practical cloud solutions and purpose built mobile response tools, focused to help first responders perform smarter and safer than ever before.  Infinite Command is not only ‘built by and for’ first responders, it is the result of thousands of hours of direct experience and observation, and it has been artfully refined to capture an intuitive user experience. 

Infinite Command is the evolution of a suite of products from Progressive Intelligence Technologies, who has been delivering situational awareness and tactical response software to fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies for years.  Public safety agencies rely on Infinite Command to combine enhanced mapping and information management to support your decisions on scene, in the office, and beyond. 

Cloud solutions are now widely regarded as the most powerful and cost effective business options available today.  Infinite command delivers cloud subscription services that expertly combine value, speed, agility, and flexibility without sacrificing your budget or performance. 

On your desk, on your dash, and in your hand -  Infinite Command is the first and only technology provider that meets these demands in a single solution: 

  • Secure and robust internet platform. 
  • Combined GIS and Information Management.
  • Interoperable multi-technology solutions.
  • Scalable to fit the requirements of small communities and large metropolitans.
  • Situational Awareness and Tactical Decision Support.
  • Access to information anywhere and anytime.

To learn about Infinite Command's suite of modules click Products & Services.  You may also select (Brochure Pg 1 or Brochure Pg 2) or chat with us now....  

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