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Have you been concerned that all of your software troubles stem from outsourced, broken-up, sold-out, off-shored, mis-guided business principles?    
We are too! Infinite Command - Midwest values, All-American ingenuity!
Did you miss that call to disregard the last update and wait for the next one to be shipped?   That is a call you'll NEVER get from us!
** No Installs! No Updates! NOW, spend time doing what you do best - Command Infinitely! **
Did your software get a cobbled new look for the same tired old technology?   Does your solution use clunky 3rd party software to mimic web-based solutions.  Tired of posers and fakers?  
Look no further. Infinite Command is AUTHENTIC from the ground up!

Preplanning and Fire Prevention Inspections

Planning, Prevention and Preparedness Promote Peak Performance.  This well-known adage challenges responders to have the foresight necessary to “Know Before You Go”, and the tools to rapidly adapt to any situation.  Infinite Command is forged from the same values.

We all know that modern fires burn hotter and faster than ever before, but that's not the only place responders feel the heat!  The searing pressure to "Do More With Less" inhibits the vital nature of public safety. These truths have led to reductions in staffing and prevention efforts, painful elimination of planning/preparedness, and even cutting corners - sacrificing the safety of Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement... a reality that no one should have to face.

Infinite Command represents a new way to apply technology and a better way to get more done.  Our broad experience, both as public safety professionals and as your technology partner, have granted remarkable insight to a comprehensive solution for these and countless unique challenges.  Decades of observation, experience and research have distinctively shaped Infinite Command to benefit responders today, and for generations to come.  Your legacy starts here - with proactive prevention tools, stunning innovations in crew safety, augmented command decision support, and improved performance before, during & after every incident.  

If you are responsible for the safety of fellow responders and your community - Infinite Command is essential to the success of your mission.   


Prevention Planning Peak Performance Precision Decisions


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