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Did your software get a cobbled new look for the same tired old technology?   Does your solution use clunky 3rd party software to mimic web-based solutions.  Tired of posers and fakers?  
Look no further. Infinite Command is AUTHENTIC from the ground up!
Updating preplans from your office computer. Gathering preplan information on your tablet. Reviewing preplans on your mobile device.
** That's how you Infinite Command **
Those tablets you decommissioned when your old software wouldn't run on them anymore...  Charge them back up!
** Infinite Command - So powerful it'll stretch your dollar! **

Infinite Command


Prevention & Preplanning Prevent Poor Performance

This well-known adage challenges firefighters to develop the foresight necessary to “know before you go” and the tools to adapt early, to any situation.  Your Infinite Command team is is drawn from the same source of inspiration. 

We recognize that as fuels burn hotter and faster.  We were ahead of the curve on planning, as active shooter scenarios and terrorist threats have steadily increased.  We've seen the challenges you face as more chemicals are used/transported/stored, and as society builds “more and bigger with less and cheaper” - and so much more.  The risks simply become virtually impossible for any responder to recount or avoid.  

Proper planning gives responders a 'decision guide' for all-hazard circumstances.  Having the right information at the right time reduces risks from general awareness and training, to initial response briefings, to on-scene situational awareness, improved decision making, and rapid mitigation of an incident.  In short, smarter responders improve scene safety and outcomes for everyone, especially the community.  

Infinite Command Promotes Peak Performance with Precision, eliminating the barriers to accurately and efficiently collect and organize critical prevention and preplan information.  Built and refined by public safety professionals, Infinite Command delivers the right information - to the right responder - at the right time.  

If you are responsible for the safety of fellow responders and your community - Infinite Command is a must see! 


Prevention Planning Peak Performance Precision Decisions


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